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Rehema Muthamia is a London based British Actress, Presenter, Model & former Miss England  2021/22.

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Her Story

Formerly crowned Miss England 2021/22, she proudly represented England at the 70th Miss World competition, achieving a commendable Top 16 placement. Beyond the pageantry, Rehema has extensive experience working on TV, Radio, and Corporate sets. She has worked on numerous commercials for both UK and international brands, including Marriott & Peugeot, and appears in an upcoming 2024 feature film. As a dynamic presenter both in studio and live on set, Rehema’s has lent her talent and charisma to host live events, collaborate with major corporate entities and bring joy to audiences through children’s entertainment.


Rehema attained an MSc in Genetics from the University of Sussex, and gained professional corporate experience working in the Health Technology industry, before following her dreams and eventually transitioning her career full-time into the acting, and presenting industries.


Aside from her professional efforts, Rehema is a charity ambassador, passionate about women’s rights advocacy, and female empowerment, evident by her social justice work alongside UK politicians

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